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Our Projects 

Project 1: The Village at Winnsboro

Teacher Housing Site.JPG
The signature initiative of the Fairfield County School District Education Foundation is to build the first South Carolina residential community for educators in the town of Winnsboro.

Fairfield County, South Carolina is a small rural school district, with approximately 2,500 students from an attendance area that encompasses over 686 square miles. There are five elementary schools, one middle school, one high school and one technology center in the district. Our school district has 350 certified staff, with 75% of them living outside of Fairfield County.

All 74 school districts in the state of South Carolina are concerned with recruiting and retaining excellent teachers every school year. This situation is even more of a challenge for the rural counties and districts.


Fairfield County would like our educators to shop and support our local businesses and engage in our community outside of the school day. The vision for our educators' is to offer them a newly built housing complex that brings them closer to the communities and students they serve.

When Fairfield County School District Education Foundation is successful in building “The Village” in Winnsboro, it will be the first district in South Carolina to successfully address the teacher housing issue in a rural district that ultimately effects recruitment and retention success.

Project 2: Higher Education and Continuing Education 

Our second initiative is to raise funds to provide our students and teachers with higher education and continuing educational opportunities. 

We dedicate ourselves to increasing the availability of scholarships for deserving Fairfield County School District students to attend two year or four year institutions of higher education. We value both academic and trade institutions as equally valuable options for our students. Students are rewarded scholarships based on academic, philanthropic and leadership merit.  


We also believe that investing in our teachers will allow them to be stronger, more well-rounded educators. We commit to providing more opportunities for staff to be involved in research, development, and continuing education events.  

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